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Club memberships are all about value. At least they should be! Like us, like our food, our drinks and our merchandise offerings, we take pride in being different. In a good way! So, here it is…our Lake of the Woods Coffee Club and the value we place on being a club member. Join us, have fun, win some coffee, drink some coffee and enjoy the value this membership brings you.

12 Great reasons why you should join our Lake of the Woods Coffee Club!

*Giveaways will be drawn monthly and winners will be contacted via email! 

Like added value?

Then you will like these membership perks as well offered to coffee club members only!

  • Membership is free! 
  • Buy one/get one promo 
  • Free shipping promotions 
  • Private shopping experience  
  • New product announcements with introductory discounts 
  • Home décor laser engraved promotions offered throughout the year 

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