18 Reasons Why We Appreciate Your Business

18 Reasons Why We Appreciate Your Business

They say life is a journey which we wouldn’t dispute. They also say compound interest is an incredible tool in your toolbox. We would agree with that as well. It seems that both of the above statements have been part of our recipe as we transitioned from previous businesses into our current business climate. 


In a condensed version, we grew up in our little town that edges the shores of Lake of the Woods, a town well known for Windows, Walleyes and Hockeysticks. Over time, our little family of five grew up with a varied background. Time in a family world class window business, then blessed to be in the Canadian fly in fishing camp business and of course, the seemingly logical (hmm?) transition into the touchless car wash/detail shop arena! That’s truly condensed but let it be known that throughout, we worked with each other, for each other and as a team as we experienced, grew and turned each page together. 


You likely know us now as the Familylaser family or the shakers and movers behind Lake of the Woods Coffee? Both are current operating business that we took from the starting gate to today’s status. Somewhere in between “Where Did We Come From?” and “So Now Here We Are!’ some special magic happened. Three red heads grew up, they found love and their life long mates, wedding speeches were given, homes were christened, and then compound interest started to happen. First we were two, then five, then our family of five grew to a family of eight, then our world lit up even more as our first little guy came along, then another little guy followed by another guy and another guy and another guy and finally….a beautiful little girl. But wait, we aren’t done yet….another little boy blessed us, followed by a girl, another boy and another girl. So by now, your thinking of your high school math teacher and hoping for help as you tally this up. Let us help you. In what seems like the blink of an eye, we blossomed into a family of 18 with all ten grandchildren ages 8 and under. Life is good. 


If you have followed us thus far, then you might be wondering how this all plays out on the business model. What are the logistics of ‘our’ business world? How did we get in the laser business, the coffee business and what is our business model? Great questions and back to the part where they say “life is a journey”. First of all, we have commitments to each other that drive our business decisions. They aren’t likely found in any business entrepreneur articles but they go like this: 

1) Family is number one. Family rules. 2) Keep the fun and enjoyment in the business 3) Communicate with each other. The good, the bad and the ugly. Communicate. 4) Division of duties 5) Be perceptive of each other. Be aware. 6) Manage a company that you and your children will be proud of 

Technically, Familylaser has been in the custom laser engraving business going on six years. Kern Laser is our machine that allows us to provide our magic to our customers. Lake of the Woods Coffee is closing in on 14 months of operation. Our laser business has been great to us thanks to you, our customers. We ship all over the USA and sell a variety of products. Our coffee business has been exceptional. While we sell ‘Lake of the Woods Coffee’ which appeals to all things connected to Lake of the Woods, the coffee itself is exceptional and it sells as much based on taste as it does its historic name. 


We have so much more to tell you, and we will. Since we started our businesses, we have always sought to evolve so that we can provide the best service to our customers. That evolution has brought us to today’s world where again, we make changes. This blog is featured on our new website. A website that has brought the best of Familylaser and Lake of the Woods Coffee and blended the two together to provide an even better experience for our customers. We have merged. We are now one company and that company is “Lake of the Woods Coffee Company”. What does that mean to you, our loyal customer? It means a variety of coffee amenities (mugs, coffee, clothing, etc) and it also means a variety of Familylaser products you have grown to love. Look for Lake of the Woods Coffee Company to answer your gift needs for weddings, baptisms, home décor, personalized and customized needs and more. Stay tuned with us as we tell you more of our story in upcoming blogs. 

  • Our new store and that journey! 
  • New product offerings 
  • The story of Lake of the Woods 
  • Our team 

Thanks for your support, both Familylaser customers and Lake of the Woods Coffee customers. Your business has made our life good. We promise that if you stay with us as Lake of the Woods Coffee Company customers, we won’t disappoint. Remember, we can give you 18 reasons why we take care of you!