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The name Lake of the Woods resonates far and wide. By virtue of its massive shoreline, it encompasses part of Ontario, Minnesota and Manitoba. The lake is beyond imagination as it hosts something for everyone. With over 14,000 islands, it provides a home for tourists, boating enthusiasts, outdoor addicts of all types including winter ‘hard water’ activists and summer swimmers. The generous shorelines and abundance of islands also provide an escape for those fortunate enough to have family cabins which often span generations. 

On a personal note, Lake of the Woods has been a near and dear part of our lives that also span generations. We have grown up learning to swim in its waters and we have watched, with amazement, untold sunrises and sunsets as they bounce across its waters. It truly is a special place, nurturing us with its beauty and abundance. It is as much a part of us as the sun and the moon as without either, we can’t imagine what life would be like.

Lake of the Woods Coffee was a natural for us to introduce as our new business adventure. Countless times, we have welcomed a new ‘lake day’ with a morning coffee nestled in our hands. Bringing quality coffee and the ‘Lake of the Woods brand’ together was as natural as the four seasons this lake provides.

We trust that you too will enjoy a touch of Lake of the Woods no matter where you are. While we appreciate your business and welcome you to our lake family, we hope that you will join forces and further promote good stewardship for the gift that keeps on giving. Sip your Lake of the Woods Coffee and give tribute to something special that we can all be a part of and pass on to the next generation. Lake of the Woods and Lake of the Woods Coffee….what a great combination!